Some words from our customers!



“This weekend I went dancing at two places per night and I had SO MUCH FUN…I seriously saw girls stare right at meand then come straight over to dance with me specifically…I met a cute girl and kissed her. It is not at all an overstatement to say that beginning this is a personal revolution for me… What was before my biggest source of fear, awkwardness,and self consciousness has magically disappeared and been replaced by a source of happiness, joy, and fun… THANK YOU  THANK YOU  THANK YOU!!!!” 

Seth S

“Within an hour I was equipped to take most beats and bust a move with them, and all I wanted to do was go out and get down! I feel more capable and stoked to be on the dance floor now.”


“Dance Floor Arsenal helped me make that step to being more comfortable getting myself out there and onto the dance floor, and that was the most important thing.”


“Ben, I’ve got a little story for you. But first, I love you! Ok, story time: I got Dance Floor Arsenal back in April. I watched the videos and practiced enough to make myself comfortable with the moves, which was very easy with your sense of humor and ability to clearly break the moves down into simple steps. This past week was spent in Colorado with friends and there were two nights where dancing was happening continuously from 8pm-2am, that’s 6 hours each night. I danced 10 of those 12 hours. I danced as hard as I could and I was feeling awesome. People were (and still are on FB) coming up to me and complimenting me on my dancing. It was ridiculous. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your expertise, and I would love it if you were to create a follow up course. Thank you!” 


“For my entire life I have been terrified to participate in any type of social dancing. Over time this crystalized into a belief that dancing was simply not for me. It did not take months and months of rigorous instruction, but only 2 hours! Yes within 2 hours of Ben’s teaching I was a changed man. (A changed dancing-man). ”

Dan M

“Shortly after using Ben’s material I was tearing it up on the dance floor at a recent party. I would never had the confidence or the moves to do so before.” 

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