We start with showing you the basic fundamentals of dancing and give you a few simple warmup exercises to get you used to moving to a beat. Then we teach you several 'foundation moves' that are quick & easy to learn so that you're up and dancing as soon as possible (this part takes about 15 minutes). After this part you’ll be able to at least survive on a dance floor. Next we teach you how to thrive.

Rhythm & Comfort

Then we go a little deeper and put you through a series of exercises to increase your comfort levels by coordinating your mind and body to feel and move with the beat; this is also known as finding your rhythm. We break down the mechanics of music and show you how to hear it, understand it, then apply it to yourself and your dancing so that it becomes second nature.

Dance Floor Arsenal helped me make that step to being more comfortable getting
myself out there and onto the dance floor
, and that was the most important thing.”
- Dustin

The Moves

Once you have that down we show you the moves. Here’s the fun part. This is where you will build your arsenal of different dance moves to so you never run out of things to do on a dance floor.

We cover traditional moves, flashy moves, and some really really cool impressive moves. After a demonstration of each move we break down the core mechanics of it and show you exactly you how to perform each move through a combination of diagrams and step by step videos. Next, we have you follow along with us on video and talk you through the process while addressing every newbie error you possibly could make, and how to know if you’re doing it correctly.

We then give you 'homework' in the form of 5 minute workout videos for each phase of the program that consolidate all of your teachings and moves into follow-along sections so you can constantly refresh and review what you’ve learned and memorize it, in as little as 5 minutes at a time. (Perfect to review before a night out.) This will solidify your practice and train you to properly transition in and out of different moves quickly and comfortably so you’ll instinctually be able to remember and perform them when you’re out.

Next, what you’ve all been waiting for; partner dancing. Here’s where we show you how to dance with women. Everything from the initial approach, to body language, to building comfort, to grinding as well as twirling, spinning, dipping, we cover it all. We also give you details on club and dance floor dynamics and even brought in an expert female dancer to help you better understand partner dancing from a woman’s perspective. This is all taught through a combination of chapters in your guide book and videos.

“Shortly after using Ben’s material I was tearing it up on the dance floor at a recent party."
- Dan M.

Putting it All Together

The most effective part of the program is our specific plan of action. Here, we present you with a detailed plan that shows you exactly how to practice & utilize the material so that you avoid any confusion and overwhelm; this will make certain that you get coordinated and dancing as quickly as possible and that the material sticks and can be easily referenced to ensure that dancing becomes a lifelong skill. We won’t leave you hanging with just tutorials on dance moves and expect you to learn how to dance on your own from there.

We provide a system with a week-by-week breakdown of exactly what to practice, how to practice, and all of the resources you need so that this doesn’t just become a product you buy and forget. You will have it all laid out for you so that you don’t have to do anything but show up, and we’ll take of it from there.

Ongoing Support

Hold up, that’s not all. On top of that, we’ll be there to personally guide you through the process. You’ll have direct email access to us and can send any questions along the way. We answer ALL of our emails and many of our students even send videos of themselves dancing for us to critique to make sure they’re doing the moves correctly. We’ll be there to make sure that you're never left struggling or giving up and that your success is inevitable. (You’ll have nothing to lose.)


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